Homemade Baby Food: Puréed Carrots 🥕

Ever look at the baby food purées on the shelf and cringe when you realize it is shelf stable for longer than your pregnancy and current babies age? Being married to a chef, you already know he’s been chomping at the bit waiting for the moment Dr. Bob says to give Elzie purées now.

We did start out with some rice cereal for practice. Definitely not a winner at first, but once she figured out the tongue to swallow action, she was so into it. A week or so passed and Daddy Chef was off for two days & had time to plan and prepare. I understand most people may not have what we have in our kitchen, but making our own food is important to us both. Daddy Chef decided we would start with carrots (maybe because he knows they are my least favourite?). 🥕

If you weren’t aware, boiling vegetables causes them to lose the vital nutrients that you want to keep in order to provide the greatest benefit for your little one. Daddy Chef peeled and cut organic carrots into 2”-3”long pieces and sealed them into a FoodSaver bag. Next, he set up our sous vide, Anova, with the sealed bag of carrots inside. This way, the carrots cook (low and slow) for a few hours without losing valuable vitamins and minerals.

After a few hours, it was time to purée. We have a Vitamix blender, which I’m not sure every household has, but this thing is worth it’s weight in gold. Smoothies. Soups. You name it. Now … baby food! The pureeing process involves adding the cooked carrots into the blender, along with some purified Nursery water, slowly blending and using a spatula to gently ensure all carrots were moving into the blades. After a while of careful spatula manuevering, we then used a fine mesh sieve to strain any larger pieces out, preserving all of what we could through the sieve. Daddy Chef then portioned out into Ziploc 4oz tubs until we receive our Oxo Tot 2oz storage tubs.

Success! Elzie LOVED them! Not bad at all for a first food. In fact, I attempted to give Elzie some rice cereal this morning & she was like, nah, I want carrots for breakfast … so we had carrots for brekkie!

What will we make next?

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